Tuesday, October 21, 2003

All right! It took long enough, but Jeb Bush signed an executive order requiring the reinsertion of the feeding tube for Terri Schiavo.

WorldNetDaily: Terri lives!

Her "wonderful" husband immediately tried to get the judge to order it removed again. The judge showed a little honor, this time, and refused.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

The outrageous murder of Terri Schiavo continues. A priest was not even allowed to administer last rites.
WorldNetDaily: Terri Schiavo denied Last Rites

I am convinced that Ms. Schiavo's husband is responsible for her injuries, so his motivation in starving her to death is obvious, but why has the judge in the case completely ignored the evidence that she is responsive and could and should receive rehabilitative therapy?

Something stinks here. Follow the money I always say--what does the judge get out of starving a helpless woman to death? If we can figure that out then everything should become clear. Should, never underestimate the stupidity of a liberal judge.

Speaking of liberals: There have been four black senators in the history of this country, all but one were Republicans. The last Carol Mosley Brown is the only Democrat. My rule: whatever the left accuses the right of doing is what the left is actually doing themselves.

I'm still stiff and exhausted from a list of home improvement projects I was working on all day yesterday. One of the projects has to be redone because the light I installed has a faulty photo cell. If you listen closely you can here me swear...

One week away from the UNLV/BYU game! I managed to get tickets away from the BYU section for my son and son-in-law the UNLV fans.