Sunday, July 30, 2006

We flew up to Idaho non-stop in a 737 Model 700, Southwest's latest. It was packed. We would have been able to get William a ticket going up but we couldn't get him anything coming back, yet the flight up was packed. On the way back (which took three flights, Spokane to Boise, Boise to Reno, and Reno to Vegas) we were on an old 737 model 300 (two actually) and it was half empty. So why couldn't we get William a ticket?

We had a busy week. It was really hot at first, but it cooled off until the last day was actually pleasant. Today, after we left it was cool. I guess we picked the wrong week.

While we were up there the TV died. We knew it was going because the screen has been looking weird in the corners. But it was a surprise it went so quickly. I’d really like a LCD TV, but they’re a bit pricey. Even if we go with a CRT I want a bigger one than what we have so our entertainment center will be too small. Crud! I’ve looked at the big plasmas and I don’t think they’re all that great. Since digital is the wave of the future most people have to change anyway, but we don’t! Our satellite is digital, it doesn’t matter what the TV is. But we’re forced to make the change anyway.

Oh well, it’s a chance to get a new idiot box.

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