Sunday, December 03, 2006

After months (months I tell you!) of work on the bathroom, it is almost done. All that is left is to seal the tile and hook up the last plumbing. Well there are baseboards but that can wait. I can relax for a change, er no I can’t…

I was planning on getting my license renewed as soon as Jessie went on track break, but I completely forgot and now I have five days and just realized I need a physical before I can have it renewed. Plus the physical form is not available on the web so I have to go in to get one, then get the physical, then go back in for the license renewal. Of course if I decide it isn’t worth it to have a CDL I still have to go in to get a regular license so I might as well renew the CDL.

Last year Jane wanted me to decorate the tree outside, but I didn’t want to tempt anyone to cut it down and take off with it. This year it’s so big that it would never fit in anyone’s house so I went ahead and decorated it. It’s almost too tall to reach with the tallest step ladder I own.

I wanted to go out and cut a tree this year, but we simply have no time. So we’re using the artificial one again. It would be nice to have a real one, but I won’t pay the outrageous prices they charge. Of course once I pay for gas and all for a tree cutting outing, I’ve spent that much. But at least that’s a fun family outing and well worth the cost.

Today the Logandale 6th ward (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) put some little gingerbread type houses out on display. The Spanish Branch was just letting out. Senaida and a friend both have sons the same age and they rushed over to the houses and Senaida’s friend’s son said, “¿Comemos eso?” His mamá yelled, “No!” There was a guy from the 6th ward sitting there with his wife and he cracked up. His wife said, “What? What did they say?” and he had to explain it to her. (Obviously a Spanish speaker to some extent.) ("Can we eat this?" is the translation.)

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