Sunday, May 02, 2004

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Thursday I interviewed for a position in a brand new school and the interview went really, really...
...bad. I didn't feel good about it at all. Not one bit. They told me they'd let me know by Friday. They didn't, but so what? I know it didn't go well so the answer is no. It would have been nice if I'd been able to go right down the street from my daughter-in-law Jessie's school. I've felt bad about it ever since, until today, when Jessie got a call telling her that a position was opening up in (Joe) Bowler Elementary in Bunkerville. She also mentioned a position might be opening up in Virgin Valley High School, so perhaps there's a reason the interview didn't go well.

My son Charlie has a concert coming up and they're supposed to dress in costumes for the movie "Newsies." We picked up some clothes at Deseret Industries and he looked so good in the costume, he wore it to work last night. He even wore it without the suspenders to church today. His boss said the girls who came in to the theater really liked it.

I have a fluorescent street light I put up, but it stopped working. I assumed the bulb was out so I went and bought a couple, all the while complaining about the expense. How it's not cost effective to keep buying bulbs when they cost more than the electricity I'm saving by using the fluorescent. When I went to replace the bulb I noticed the old one was loose--yes, it was fine, it just needed to be screwed back in. Oh well, I won't have to buy bulbs for a long time.

The school countdown: 24 days!