Saturday, February 16, 2008

We had a huge windstorm on Wednesday. I was in the cellar when the power went out. I felt my way out (not thinking about the cell phone I was carrying that could have lit my way!) and went towards the garage where I knew there was a flashlight. Something huge swept past me and there was a huge crash. I decided to go in the house to get a flashlight instead. The flashlight told me I was probably lucky I wasn't killed or injured, since it was a huge chunk of my garage's roof!

Though it's not obvious, that's four pieces of roof steel in the picture. That's heavy gauge steel and the sheets are 13 feet long. It came off as one piece then the wood holding it all together splintered so the pieces separated. I had to replace many of the wood runners before I could reattach the steel sheets. This time I bolted them down instead of just screwing them into the runners. The photo shows the roof with some of the runners already replaced.

I started yesterday afternoon and got up early this morning and worked all day. I'm pretty much done except for the cap at the peak. I'll have to go to the city to get that.

The roof steel must have been accordioned in because the roof is now two inches shorter than before. If I had noticed earlier I could have stretched it but it was already attached except the last piece, so it'll have to do.

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