Sunday, November 04, 2007

Monday I got my replacement phone. I needed to reenter the contacts so I used BitPim which doesn’t support my phone yet, but I used the settings for a similar phone and uploaded my wife’s address book onto my computer. That worked just fine. When I downloaded them to my phone it cut off the first four numbers of each phone number. It was still easier to put them in that way. BitPim won’t transfer anything else, so I hope they get a version of BitPim that works with my phone soon. Plus I’m now using a backup service that Verizon is offering free to those who have a web account with them.

I bought a 2 gig memory card for the new phone because the one in the other phone (0.5 gig) was too small. It’s got all the music on my laptop on it and isn’t even half full. Sweet!

I bought my wife a book written by a former polygamist. The book finally came today and I recognized nearly everyone in the book! Apparently the author is related to my wife.

Last week I rewired the lights in the cellar so I could turn them off and on in two places. Then I realized I had to move the air conditioning unit, so yesterday I had to move the lights again. After I finished and started hooking up the a/c again, I realized I’ve got to move one of the lights yet again.

I’ve dug in as far as I need to, so now it’s time to widen my hole and make the room. If I didn’t have that sewer line right in the way I’d pour a concrete floor. But I’m not going to do much of that if I have to scoop concrete out of one wheel barrow into another, to get it across the pipe. If the guest house were empty I could cut the pipe and replace it when I’m all done. Oh well….

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