Saturday, November 13, 2004

We know that when President Bush was reelected Afghani's and Iraqi's celebrated. We know that in almost every other country they preferred John effing Kerry. Why? Do the liberal Bush haters ever ask why? Let's look at selfish reasons. The Iraqi's and Afghani's are better off with Bush, so they like him. They don't trust Kerry to continue the fight. They and other nations don't give a rat's behind about quality of life in America. They care about their own lives, thus the support for Bush in those two countries. Other countries have citizens and subjects that are jealous and envious of our prosperity and freedom, so they support leaders that are bad for us. They certainly don't have our best interests in their hearts. So only an idiot would care if they liked us or not. Idiots like those who supported the lying, flip-flopping, war hero (in Vietnam, not here) who committed treason after he returned from Vietnam and who did not receive an honorable discharge for his service until after Jimmy Carter pardoned him.

Interestingly enough, one other country celebrated the reelection of George Bush. The story, in NewsMax tells us of Iranians dancing in the streets with joy. Why? Because they hope they're the next country freed of tyranny by the blood of our soldiers. And our wonderful soldiers are glad to do it. This is the month of Thanksgiving. Be thankful for them, and our strong president. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran are!

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Sunday, November 07, 2004