Wednesday, October 19, 2005

After a 3 month wait, I had the lasic surgery in my left eye redone. This time the trauma was much less and this time it worked! I now have what is called mono-vision. My right eye sees distance, (about 20-30 with a little astigmatism, they may still fix that, I haven’t decided) and the left is focused for reading. It took only a few hours after the surgery and I was reading with that eye. I had to pull my computer monitor closer, but I can function without any glasses at all for the first time since Jr. High. It is so liberating! I can even wear cool shades! Of course for the last 3 months, since the first surgery, my left eye has been worthless, but now I’ve decided it was worth it!

For the past few years, my wife and I have commuted to two different towns to go to work. Me to Las Vegas and she to Mesquite. We live about halfway in between. Since our gas bill has risen to about $600 a month, it’s been a challenge. She was just offered a job locally, so her drive will be 10 miles round trip instead of 75 so we’ll save considerable money on gas, and apparently she gets a raise too!

Now if I could just get a job locally…

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