Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, I finally got my son Rick's slide show of Grandma and Grandpa Spencer's 50th anniversary video finished and I've burned ten video CD's plus ten CD's for the computer with the slide show and a screen saver. Now I'm using my daughter's portable DVD player to record onto video cassettes. It's almost the same as the one Rick did for the anniversary party except I added two pictures; one of my late cousin Tiffany, because Rick didn't have one at the time and one of Grandma and Grandpa at the end just because it seemed like the right slide to end it with.

This new slide show program is really nice. It's by Anix software and it's much improved over the last one.

I'm listening to LDS President Hinckley on BYUTV at the priesthood anniversary meeting. He's really, strongly, admonishing young men to shun tattoos and respect young ladies among other admonishments. He says his language is plain and he's speaking bluntly. Well that's what a prophet does, isn't it?

I'm stunned! After the end of the priesthood meeting they talked about Southern Virginia University. Apparently it's an LDS university. Hmmm, never heard of them before!

Mark and Valery will be moving to Idaho within two or three weeks. I am going to miss my granddaughters.

I got a hold of Sony tech support to get the final word on the double flash on my camera. There is a common misconception that the double flash is for red eye reduction, but it's not. When red eye is on, my camera has a triple flash, when off it's a double flash. Imagine my surprise when the tech support person had the same misconception! He/she was absolutely no help, none, nada!

I ordered a little cheap slave flash. I'm going to see if it works. I'm almost certain it won't, but I want to make absolutely certain. If it does I'll save a lot of money. If not, I'll have to buy the more expensive units that can be set to trigger on the second flash.

Oh, the school countdown! 15 days!

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