Saturday, July 14, 2007

This great Mike Shelton cartoon appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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Mike Shelton

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just a few years ago I went to watch one of the final test flights of Space Ship One. Todays Las Vegas Review Journal has a story on XCOR Aerospace's Xerus. It won't be too much longer before commercial space ventures start to really take off!

Then this from Debbie Schussel

It's Islam, stupid!

A couple of day's ago Oprah featured two 9/11 widows on her daytime talk show. They raised money to help Afghani widows start businesses and support themselves. "We gave them this opportunity, so that they'd get out of poverty, so that 9/11 would never happen again."

I was shouting at the TV: They commited this terrorist murder of 3,000 Americans out of hate bred by their Islamic ideology, NOT out of economic status. (Many, including Mohammed Atta, were wealthy and educated.)

The 9/11 widow's myth has been repeated by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, President Bush, Mrs. Bush, Oprah herself, and your average dummy on the street who watches her. More here.

From the New York Post we have this:




Mohammed Bouyeri
Mohammed Bouyeri

July 8, 2007 -- LAST week, two very different Brits had their say about the latest terrorist plots in their country. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the nation that "we have got to separate those great moderate members of our community from a few extremists who wish to practice violence and inflict maximum loss of life in the interests of a perversion of their religion." By contrast, a former jihadist from Manchester wrote that the "real engine of our violence" is "Islamic theology."

Months ago, this young man informed me that as a militant he raised most of his war chest not from obscenely rich Saudis, but from middle-class Muslim dentists living in the United Kingdom. There's sobering lesson here for the new prime minister.

So far, those arrested in connection to the car bombs are, by and large, medical professionals. The seeming paradox of the privileged seeking to avenge grievance has many champions of compassion scratching their heads. Aren't Muslim martyrs supposed to be poor, disenfranchised, and resentful about both?

WE should have been stripped of that breezy simplification by now. The 9/11 hijackers came from means. Mohamed Atta, their ringleader, earned an engineering degree. He then moved to the West, pursuing his post-graduate studies in Germany. No servile goat-herder, that one. More here.

And of course now Cindy Sheehan demands Pelosi either impeach Bush or she'll run against her in the next election, gasp! Horrors! I mean as if Cindy could win! Hell, what if she did, would she be any worse than Pelosi?

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