Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well, what an interesting week! We flew down to San Diego on Thursday. Friday while Jane was in meetings, Randy, Rod, Larry, and I went to the Air and Space Museum, It was hard to drag Larry and Randy out of there. Then we went sailing. We never left the lagoon but we had plenty of fun learning to sail. Supposedly this 23 footer could be handled by one person--not very easily. I worked the jib sail and the motor the 3 times we used it. We left the dock with the motor then used it when we ran aground. The stupid boat wouldn’t turn from the shallows. Finally we spilled the air from the sail and just kind of drifted lightly aground, the motor got us right out. We didn’t need it again but we were running out of time so we used it to get back in time. When it was clear we would make it, I shut it down. We sailed right up to the dock and spilled air and stopped perfectly! The man at the dock acted impressed. It was great! We even almost capsized a couple of times. Tried to go too fast – too much sail. When that happens you have to spill a little air quick. Someone else tipped but it wasn’t us!

We didn’t get to go to the San Diego temple because there was no room in the car; we went to Sea World instead. It was really crowded, but we had fun. We went with Peter and Debbie and Chuck and Kathy. We didn’t at first know Chuck and Kathy’s last name, so I didn’t recognize him as the man that ran CO Bastion the last two years I was there.

I found out you get extra security if you board with just a computer bag. Stan told me that’s probably why they did the extra search on me. The guy behind me had a roll-on bag with a computer pocket. Stan says they don’t worry about those. I guess I need one!

We stayed at a nice hotel but the restaurant really sucked! The food was good-service was lousy! We left feedback – you betchya! The weather was perfect. We never once turned on the air. Nor the heat either. It got just a little cool after sunset at Sea World.

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