Saturday, April 17, 2004

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I started a class last week so I again have little time. I'm counting down the weeks 'till schools out, then I'll have more time, yes!

I love spring, the garden's up and we're starting to get food out of it, especially asparagus. I started a bed a few years ago and I've been adding to it every year. This year has been great! But I think it's about played out for the year. Next year though it's going to be even better!

I just purchased the Babylon 5 fifth season. It was on sale so I snapped it up. I don't have the fourth season yet, so I want to wait to watch the fifth.

I got this from

"From a US Marine, LCpl Ryan Christiansen, asked if he was concerned that a ceasefire would allow Saddamite forces to regroup:

'I really don't care; they're all gonna die.'"