Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The pictures are of Space Ship 1 (SS1) It will most likely become the world's first private space ship on June 21st!

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Just after landing SpaceShipOne on May 13 flight. Pilot Mike Melvill describes the experience while Scaled Composites chief Burt Rutan and crew chief Steve Losey listen. Note color stripes on leading edge of wing to measure aerodynamic heating on the craft's thermal protection system. Scaled Composites

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SpaceShipOne with tail section feathered into position above 200,000 feet on May 13 flight. San Diego is at left, Santa Barbara is under the left wing and Edwards Air Force Base is at right/center. Image Credit: Scaled Composites

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View from back seat at top of SpaceShipOne's climb, flight 14P. Pilot Mike Melvill is at controls of the private spaceship. Note bright sun cast on interior while black sky is seen out top, right and forward windows. Image Credit: Scaled Composites

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

What a day we had yesterday! Last Saturday we were walking through Sears in St. George and saw a sale on a floor model refrigerator. Since we weren't happy with the used one we had purchased from a friend, we decided to buy it, and since my wife, Jane had informed me our dryer was not working right, we bought a dryer too.

Yesterday we drove the truck up with the old refrigerator and dryer to drop them off at Deseret Industries. They told us they didn't take appliances anymore! Now we're eighty miles from home with no room in the truck for a new refrigerator and dryer. Needless to say we were not happy. We called everyone we knew, to see if anyone wanted them. No one was home. It was Memorial Day weekend so I guess everyone was vacationing. Jane's sister Carrol was the only one we could find and she didn't want them.

So we started the drive home to drop off the old junk so we could drive back and pick up the new stuff. Jane remembered that a coworker mentioned she was looking for a used refrigerator, so she called her and she had us stop in Mesquite so she could look at it. She liked it and said she wanted it, but we had to wait for her to get off work.

No one wanted the dryer so we found the Mesquite landfill. I assumed as a non-resident, they would charge us, but the man said we couldn't dump at all. I gave him our sad story and he let us in to dump the dryer.

By the time we did that and ate lunch, one of her male co-workers showed up and helped us unload, in the process the fridge whacked me on the ear and the hearing aid, being a hard object, caused my ear to bleed. It looked worse than it was.

All the way back to St. George we went, but at least it was only forty miles instead of eighty. Of course on the way home the vent I bought for the dryer blew out of the truck, so I had to pay more to replace it here in Overton.

I interviewed for a science job at MV High Wednesday. I was told I was the only applicant and that she would make her decision Friday. On Friday we had a staff development day and all the teachers who were leaving went to their new schools. I was very uncomfortable planning the next year when I didn't even know whether I was going to be there. Finally I called to see what the status of the position was, but they'd already gone home. I'd been so busy I didn't realize how late it was. So, I still don't know the results

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