Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blogger woes

When I started this blog I ftp'd it from Blogger to my webhost. Then I had the blog load in a frame on one of my web pages. Lately I wanted to add some things I'd seen on other blogs, but found out I had to have BlogSpot host the blog to use those features. So I moved the blog over to BlogSpot and wrote a redirection page as my home page.

It worked but I missed not having the blog embedded in a window on my page. I decided that I could leave the blog at BlogSpot but still embed it in the page of my site. Unfortunately I'd deleted the code and forgot how to do it! It took me hours to rediscover the method and still retain my style sheet format! The trick turned out to be this: put a table with one row and one column where you want the blog to appear and use the IFRAME tag with a width of 100%. (Apparently percents are an undocumented feature of the tag. You're supposed to use pixels. I had to use a set height in pixels, though.)

So it works. Yay... Now I'm going to bed!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

An inspired choice

An absolutely inspired choice! I can now vote with confidence! I should have seen this coming as I had heard that the domain name had been registered but none of the other possible pick name combinations had been.

This woman is a real conservative and the fact that she's a woman is not (or rather, shouldn't be) relevant. And, since she's the only governor in the race, she is better qualified than John, Barry, or Joe who are all senators who make poor presidents! Now this is change!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Folding Electric Super Car

Peugot has a new green car that's pretty cool. Not that I like green stuff for the sake of being green, but when it's practical I'm all for it. Part of the article follows:

Peugeot 888 future car is a concept done right: shape-shifting and green
Oskar-Johansen-Peugeot-888.jpg The Peugeot 888 is billed as the "personal vehicle for the future Metropolis." For designer Oskar Johansen from Norway, that means a car with space for two with room for luggage, as well as a nifty shape-shifting body. On the highway, the Peugeot 888 stretches itself out flat so that it's stable and aerodynamic. In the city, however, it scrunches up for easier parking and taking up less of the road in general.

Just to make sure it'll fit in with the eco-minded future, the 888 is powered by electric motors in each of its wheels, runs off of an array of lithium-ion batteries stored in the trunk, which, in turn, is covered with solar panels.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Peugeot 888.

Read the rest here:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My friend's blog

A good friend, a man I've known since junior high school has his own blog. As you can see he likes to fish! He keeps asking me to go up and visit so we can go fishing. I've really got to do that some time!

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