Sunday, November 12, 2006

I lost my election on Tuesday. In a three way race, I got 28% of the vote while Ken got 54%. Kelby got 18%. When I went bed Lanny was also losing his election. I got up at 3 and checked the results again. Lanny won by 23 votes! Rush Limbaugh says he’s liberated by the Republican loss. He doesn’t have to carry Republican water any more. He points out Republicans moved to the left and lost. Democraps moved to the right and won. (Except for the ones that only pretended to move to the right—they lost!)

We went up to St. George to go to Ashley’s sealing on Friday. We stayed overnight and went to her wedding the next day.

I’m still working on the tile in the bathroom. It’s close to being done. I may have it done when Val and family arrive. I’m not thrilled with the job I did yesterday. It’s not my best work. The first part was much better. There’s just one wall left plus a little bit of ceiling. That cheap little tile saw was worth every penny. It does a wonderful job!

We’re about to enter a full week of work again, Next week’s only three days though. Nice!

It’s getting quite cool here now. I’m looking forward to some of that global warming!

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