Sunday, November 30, 2003

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Short but busy week!

We decided to eat our Thanksgiving here at the house and then go to the Valley of Fire to visit instead of eat there with extended family, like we usually do. After eating everyone took a nap instead! I fried the turkey, and it was so much better than the dry, baked bird.

We were going to get our Christmas tree the next day, but my oldest son and his wife went in to Las Vegas for the shopping madness with my truck and didn't get back in time, so we visited at at my Aunt's (and had another huge meal) and went for our tree the next day. It's not up yet because we really don't know where we're going to put it.

My wife and I did go to St. George Friday afternoon, to pick up some large presents. Sears had had a sale where they were selling a $200 barbeque for $100, but the sale ended at noon. Oh well, we'll wait for another deal.

We got a new air conditioner a week ago, but all the freon leaked out, good thing it's not that cold. The guy came and refilled it, but he's too fat to get up where it's leaking and fix it. He's going to send a younger, skinnier guy tomorrow.