Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sunday, October 03, 2004

I start my new class tomorrow. It might actually be fun since it's a web page design class. All the other classes so far have had useful things but haven't been fun--at all. So my two weeks of free time are gone. Of course one of the first things I'm supposed to do is read some instructions and reply with the subject, "I have read." I replied, "I have not read," because it's a PowerPoint document and I don't have it. If we are required to have that program they should have put it in the list of things we need

I was printing out the newsletter, finally and the printer ran out of toner. When I put the new toner cartridge in it got lighter and lighter until it wouldn't print at all. I put the old one back in and it actually printed better. "What in the world is going on?" I thought. Then I noticed I'd failed to remove the tape covering the opening in the cartridge. Of course this was after I'd printed about 70 crummy pages and I had to do them all again.

I wrote this as a letter to the editor of my newspaper. It's way too long, but I'll send it in anyway.

Democrats lie. They lie a lot. They lie for money, they lie for power. And when they are caught in a lie, they wiggle and squirm then use the excuse used by children through the entire world and for all time: "But the Republicans do it too!" This also is a lie. Republicans, with a few exceptions, do not lie to get elected. Those exceptions are telling. When a Republican lies his or her lies are not only advertised by triumphant Democrats, but the Republican Party itself turns on that person. And the media, which is, for the most part, another branch of the Democrat party, announces that person's shame with extreme smugness.

When Democrats lie, they always excuse it. The end justifies the means they imply, if not say openly. The party comes to the defense of the liar. The media makes excuses or they even refuse to report the offending Democrat's lie all together.

Here are a few examples. Witness the fall of Richard Nixon. His own party turned on him and asked him to resign. He did. Bill Clinton was a very proficient liar. When he did everything President Nixon was accused of and more, the Democrat Party did not ask him to resign and he had to be impeached. He did not have the honor even of President Nixon. President Clinton did not resign, and he continued to lie.

John Kerry is not as good a liar as Bill Clinton. He still tries. When he brought up his military service, repeatedly, most of those that served with him pointed out his lies. The response of the Democrats was to attack President Bush's military record. Since they could find nothing real, they made it up. Forged documents showed up, a serious crime by the way, and when they were found out, the Democrats and the media made excuses. They refuse to point out the truth, that President Bush not only served and did more than was required of him, but also volunteered for a unit likely to be called up for Vietnam service.

Kerry lies about his record for the last 20 years in the Senate. Time after time he has voted against our military and against our intelligence services. Now he lies that he is the one that can best protect us from enemies. He lies about Bush's record and accuses him of lying to the American people. However nearly everything he accuses Bush of lying about, he said at one time himself!Most importantly Kerry and the Democrats lie to scare people into voting for them. They claim they are the party of the working man. They are not. They are the party of the rich elite like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. And the non-working poor who are dependent on government handouts and always vote Democrat to keep those handouts coming. The Republican Party is the real party of the working man.

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