Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Well my class sizes are finally down. I have less than 200 students now, finally. Our new teacher is a yeller. I feel sorry for all the students they took from me to give to her. I think she's a bit nuts. But she's what we could find, at least until she has a nervous breakdown or something.

My latest college class is actually fun. The problem with that is I spend a lot more time on the assignments than I should.

Jane and some of her brothers and sisters are getting together to build their parents a house. We figure we can do it for about $17,000. Of course some of us will be forced to contribute more than others because some will just decline to participate. We'll see.

We're making plans for William's arrival. Things like where the heck will we put him! People always expand into all available space—which we did. So I've come up with a perfect solution. He can carve out your space when he gets home! Actually it's not a big thing; we just have to move a few things so he'll have a room. We need to do the same thing for Charlie. He's in a room full of stuff that's not his. He never complains, though.

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