Friday, December 12, 2003

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Why oh why do they have to take perfectly good technology and throw it away just because there is something out there newer? I'm talking about cassettes! Yes, I know CDs are better for most things, but not all.

Here's my problem; I'm looking to buy a new car (well new to me) but it doesn't have a cassette player. Now I've never been big on CDs in cars, they skip, (Yes, they do. Oh they're fine when they're new but try driving on a bumpy road with one that's got a few years on it--it's horrible!) and cassettes are just easier to handle. If that were the only problem I could deal with it, but I commute almost three hours a day. For half of that commute I listen to recordings of a talk show that's on when I'm working. Since I can't listen when the show's on, I listen the next morning. My cassette recorder is low tech. It's on a timer and I just punch the record button down and the timer turns the whole thing on when it's time. Then I take the tape and play it in the car, simple. Well, you can't do that with CDs! At least not easily. Even if I went to the trouble to record my program on CDR every day, they're not reusable! I'd be recording and throwing away CDRs all the time. Don't even think to suggest CDRWs, they won't work in standard CD players.

Damn it! You don't throw away technology if there is no replacement for it yet! And believe me there is no replacement for cassettes if you plan to record on the same media over and over again. (The same goes for VHS tape. Although with TiVo and PVRs etc., the hard drive works at least as well as the tape.)

So, I need a cassette deck in the car, but you can't get them anymore! I'm faced with pulling out an expensive factory radio and putting in a cheap aftermarket just so I can have a simple casette player. That just stinks!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

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We went to St. George Saturday and shopped (and shopped, and shopped...) Then went to the bank party. Wells Fargo parties are--well kind of boring compared to the B of A parties we used to go to. We stayed at the hotel where we had the party so we could go to the blessing of my niece Lori and her husband's new baby the next day. We went over to her parent's, Mike and Retta's afterwards to eat.

They're working on the freeway in the gorge and it's down to a single, narrow lane, it took us forty-five minutes to get through going up but we hardly had a delay going back. Go figure.

My mother's renters are supposed to be moved out, but they still have junk left behind. My son Rick and his wife Jessie want to move in, so if they don't get their stuff out by Wednesday we're going to move it out ourselves.