Sunday, July 16, 2006

I've bought my son Charlie a camera. I had great fun on E-bay losing the auctions with seconds to go! I finally won one. I'm replacing his 4 mega pixel Kodak C330, which was stolen, with a 5 mega pixel Kodak Z700. It’s bigger. It looks more like my Canon in shape so it should be easier to hold on to and it has a 5x optical zoom instead of the 3x he had in the 330. The controls should be almost exactly the same so anything he learned about the old one should apply to the new one.

We went to my niece, Terilee's wedding yesterday. The groom, Jared works at Concrete accessories. Rick and I were in there the other day, but he didn't tell me until we were on our way home that Jared was Terilee's fiancé.

I’ve started taping in the upstairs bathroom. It’s going fast, but it’s a lot of work. I’ve taped in the shower; tomorrow I’ll do the rest of the bath. Then comes texture and paint. Then tile, reset the toilet and install a new sink (since the old one’s color doesn’t match the new floor). I don’t have a lot of time though with two vacations coming up and my class started.

This is my last class and I will be done! Sweet!

We bought a new ride on lawn mower because the old one would no longer start. Well I fixed it, so now we have two. I’ll use the old one for mowing weeds.

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