Sunday, January 18, 2004

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We had a staff development day and at one of the meetings one guy was telling the story about when he was a new teacher at another school with another teacher in our school and this teacher taught him how important staff development days were. He was doing a crossword puzzle! So this guy tells us he will make our meeting short. At the end he asked if there were any questions or comments. The other teacher raised his hand and said: "I got my crossword puzzle done!"

I just got my right hearing aid fixed, because it broke over the Christmas holidays. Got it back just in time, the left one just broke. These things cost thousands of bucks, you'd think they'd work better.

I just finished the third season Babylon 5 DVDs. It took years for the first season to come out, almost two years for the second season, a year for the third, a few months for the fourth, and the fifth will be out in April. They must be making money to accelerate it like that. I still need to find the fourth season on sale somewhere.

The class I'm taking requires many of the assignments to be done with a partner. My partner keeps doing our assignments for us. Hey, I'm not complaining one bit! Less work for me!

I'm listening to a singer from Veracruz named Yuri. Very blonde and very white. There are a lot of Mexican pop singers who dye their hair, but you can tell they're Mexican. This gal looks Caucasian. I just looked her up on AMG. her name is Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco and she is "Latin American." Whatever, she sings well and has no crossover hits. At her age (39) I don't expect any. I'm really beginning to like some Mexican pop singers. Not all, but some.