Friday, March 31, 2006

Some of my crazy students decided to protest Congress’s decision to do something about illegal immigration. When the little darlings came back, I asked them what they were protesting about. None of them could tell me. They hadn’t a clue. I think I like Newt Gingrich’s plan best: set up centers in Mexico so people can get checked out and get an ID which they can use to enter the US, any employer hiring someone without such an ID gets a huge fine, and the twelve plus million illegals will leave because they have no jobs. They can come back if and when they qualify for an ID card. And of course seal the border!

We’ve had proficiency testing this week. We caught one girl with a cheat book. Dumb girl, now her test is no good. I guess it’s still not over. She’s denying she was using it to cheat.

I was all ready to finish chopping up one of the trees tomorrow, but I guess Eric finished it today. Of course he left a mess on the ground for me to clean up so I guess I’ll keep what ever I clean up.

I finally got the phones system I want. We hung a base unit in the kitchen and we have nine cordless phones to go with it. We went a little crazy with the buy two get one free sale. We can actually add one more, but we’re done I think. All the phones are speaker phones. They have voice mail (which I don’t know how to use yet), and they can act as walkie talkies. We only have two other phones still hooked up. They’ll go soon.

We had a staff development day Monday. This crazy guy was the speaker at the Orleans casino. Apparently he was the teacher of the year or something. The parking lot was so packed it took almost an hour for Robert and me to get out of the parking lot. He was so late getting to his meeting. As we got in the car I noticed the lady next to us in her large SUV (which proved to be too large for her) had her wheels turned way out. I told Robert if she kept backing out like that she was going to hit us. Can you see it coming? We didn’t even try to pull out because it was too busy, but she did. And (you can still see this coming huh?) she scraped my mirror across her fender. It left an 8 or 9 inch crease on her fender, but only a little scratch on my mirror. She gets out—doesn’t even look at her fender—and says, “Looks like someone parked too close! You’re going to have to move first, because I can’t get out.” She gets back into her large SUV and she still hasn’t looked at the damage to her car! I wiggled the car back and forth until I was well away from her and after a few minutes she left. I guess I could get her for hit and run.

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