Sunday, August 15, 2004

Well the sheet rock in the garage is done. This despite driving 300 miles to help my son Robert and his wife Shannon move, then returning the same 300 miles (ten of those on a dirt road that they have to contend with anytime they want to go anywhere, and right now it's really washboardy).

Wednesday, I took my truck up to St. George to get it fixed and brought my son Charlie's car along as well. Then I drove him to Mesquite, dropped him and my truck off, picked up my car, and drove to Kanab where I met Robert and went on to Navajo Mountain. They do have a real nice home there, but it's out in the middle of nowhere! We unloaded the truck and Shannon's dad Stan, and I returned to St. George the next day to drop off the truck and then I took Stan to the airport. By then Charlie's car was done so I went to Mesquite, dropped off my car, and my wifw and I drove her car to St. George and dropped it off to be fixed, drove Charlie's car back to Mesquite where we picked up my car and, finally, I got to go home!

Friday I worked in the garage and caught up with my class. Saturday we went to my neice's wedding and came home with enough time for me to finish the sheet rock. Tomorrow I have to do the work for this next week's class so we can drive to Idaho Tuesday. So much to do crammed into so little time!
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