Sunday, May 09, 2004

I've been fooling around with the settings of blogger. I like the new look.

Richard's main page
Richard's main page

We were watching "Second Hand Lions" on DVD. That is probably one of my favorite movies. It's great. We watched the commentaries afterwards. That movie almost didn't get made. Why is it that studio executives always pick crummy movies and the really good ones seem to get made only with great difficulty.

I'm going to shop for some new phones. Only our cordless phones are loud enough when three or more phones are off the hook. I couldn't hear my son, who we called in
Argentina today, except on the cordless.

Nineteen more school days! I hope I can find a more convenient school for next year.

I tried to burn an album to a CDRW because Rhapsody Music Service doesn't include the track information in their burns, so what I've been doing is burning a CD then ripping it to MP3's then burning it again which includes the track information. So I decided to use a CDRW so I don't waste a disk. I used the only CDRW I had, the one that came with my first CD burner. I realize now that it's at least five years old and that may be why the first five tracks were unplayable. I ended up buying the first five tracks again. I sent a message to Rhapsody so I hope they credit my account.

It's hot! Summer has come early. I'm going to have to train myself to get up early and go to bed early to beat the heat. Better yet, I could spend my summer writing inside instead of working and spending money on the yard.