Saturday, October 30, 2004

Robert and family came by this weekend. Robert bought a used shotgun; much like my single shot, but his sometimes doesn't fire. I think he's got a firing pin problem. He's not happy. Then Rick talked Jessie into firing Rob's Makarov. Somehow, when she pushed the safety up it went too far and the gun wouldn't work any more. Now he was really angry and he took it out on Jessie, too much. I managed to get the safety lever out and was able to take the gun apart. The safety popped right back in and the gun works fine. Later Rob was looking in my Guns magazine and found a Makarov article where it talks about the flimsy safety! What a coincidence!

Anyway, we were shooting clay pigeons mostly. Shannon, Jessie, Rick, Rob, Charlie, and I were sharing three guns, Rob's and my 20 gauges and my 12. All of us hit enough targets that we're all happy. Jessie sure grinned when she hit her first pigeon. I was using the 12 gauge to hit the pigeon just before it hit the ground, after the others fired. That was kind of cool. I was hitting a bunch of them.

I started using a new browser yesterday. My professor in my Web page design class has been using Firefox and really recommends it. I found that it is at least as good as IE! I'd tried Opera before and didn't like it. Then I tried Thunderbird to replace Outlook Express. It took me hours to get it working. It turns out that, though Outlook allows me to list my user name as "richard," Thunderbird insists on "richard"at"" Apparently, it actually sees it as, "richard"at""at"" I think there is a bug in the way MVDSL handles private domain email addresses. I know with Outlook, when I respond to your emails, it shows my son's address as "william"at""at"" and I have to change it before it will send. Thunderbird shows his address correctly. So Outlook fixes one thing and breaks another. Thunderbird breaks one thing and fixes the other.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

I don't have a lot to say this week. Just the normal stuff. I did have a problem with a brother of one of my students. Former students. I'm happy to say the brat has been pulled out of school.

I went to the office and the younger brother saw me and called the older brother who started screaming at me. They literally dragged him away from me. You see his brat of a little sister kept getting into trouble in class and getting kicked out of school. The last time was when she heard some boys next to her talking about their math in Spanish and one of them said "Punto." She, being a paranoid witch with a b, thought they'd called her a b word and she started shrieking at them. Of course her brother was convinced she was correct, but since they're gone now, who cares what they think? The people in the office say they've had unpleasant experiences with the family before, so they're glad they're gone too.

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