Sunday, March 21, 2004

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We were supposed to go to Can Cun for Easter Break. The guy who's setting up the trip (the same guy who set up a Disneyland trip for us) messed up and set it up for the week after the break. He claims he can make it will happen in June.Yeah, I'll believe it when we are there.

It's hot here!

Saturday we went to St. George for a quick shopping trip but got a bubble in a tire (not the one that needed to be replaced). Since we hit a rock while four-wheeling in December, the alignment has been out, too. So I got it aligned at the same time. It took the incompetents five hours to do a simple alignment and replace two tires! So we didn't get home until bedtime. So much for a quick trip. Then of course on the way home the a/c filters we'd just bought blew out of the back of the truck.

I'm getting the summer itch. One more week to 3rd quarter then one quarter left. Ten weeks of school, just ten!