Sunday, December 10, 2006

Well I finally got the shower “finished” and took a shower to try it out. I had half an inch of water in two of the corners so I guess it’s not finished, huh? I tore up about two square feet and built the corners up more. Tomorrow I’ll put new tile down and grout Tuesday. Friday I’ll be able to seal it again and Saturday I’ll try it again.

It’s been dry and clear for the last few weeks. I washed every car we have except one (since I ran out of daylight) yesterday. So of course this morning it rained. It’s clear now. It just rained long enough to spot all the cars.

I was switched to the new Beta Blogger and found that my archives don’t work. I think what happened is I switched the archives to a separate folder but forgot to put the full path in the settings in Blogger. It took me a week before the darn thing allowed me to complete a republish, but the archives still won’t work. Finally I just moved all the files back to the root and they work fine. Will I have to keep moving them? Because apparently Blogger’s been saving them into the folder okay it just can’t find them in there later!

The house is looking Christmassy. William decorated the house and I decorated the yard including the pine tree and driveway marker snowflakes and the blow up Santa. Yesterday Ace was “giving” away lighted wreaths. Robert, Jessie, and my mom all wanted one too. Too late—sold out! Hey, but I got mine!

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