Sunday, June 18, 2006

I spent all week getting the fifth wheel ready to take to the family reunion. First the tires were old so they were dry rotted and I didn’t want to go through what Stan did with his—one blowout after the other. So five new tires. Then the refrigerator didn’t work on gas so I looked for a new control board. I finally found one online but they called back and told me it was no longer available. I started looking around and whenever I found one I called to make sure they had it and they all referred me to the place that I’d already tried to buy from. I finally gave up and bought a new one. I found a huge RV store in Vegas that had them in stock. Then I had all the little repairs… On the way back I expected my battery to charge, but it didn’t. I thought I had fixed that!

We had a good time. We went up Friday and stayed until Sunday. We probably stayed longer than anyone; of course we had the nicest “tent”. My father-in-law looked at the fifth wheel and said: “So you’re going camping, huh?” I told him “Sure, city style!”

Judy told Patty she’s so glad she married John since everyone is picking on Patty now instead of Judy. Some of the kids were shooting lizards with BB guns and showing them to Patty, who would scream and create a scene. Nothing fazes Judy anymore so they don’t tease her anymore.

The Yankees blew a 9 to 2 lead yesterday—losing 12 to 9. They blew it again today—losing an early lead because of bad pitching. It wasn’t even a good team! Washington?

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