Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just finished reinstalling all my programs on my phone. Why? I had to do a hard reset to factory conditions to get rid of a program that just wouldn't uninstall! I should have seen the problem coming when the rogue program had to reset my phone to complete the install. No program has ever done this before on my Pocket PC Windows 6 based phone.

When the program wouldn't even see my music files, (it was a music player) yet saw every other file on both the phone and memory card, I attempted to remove it. It wouldn't leave! I did a clean install to see if I could get it to uninstall, and now there were two. Deleting the files by hand left icons in my program list. So I went to the program's web site and carefully followed the uninstall directions. The result? Three icons in my program list! Now this is not some unknown program. I've used it on my Palm Pilot for music. I have it on my desktop and laptop for video. The program? RealPlayer Mobile for cat's sake! And of course there is no support for Real's free programs. What a crock of you know what!

So here's the drill do a hard reset, resync with the pc (which has renamed the phone and won't let me change it), reinstall all the programs I've put on there that I still want on there, including a different music program (s2p), which, since I can't find the setting, probably won't turn off the backlight, so I'm stuck with the old one, PocketMusic, I was using and no longer like, or Windows Media Player, which also doesn't turn off the backlight, or Pocket Player which I like but is a commercial product that I have to pay for.

You know this kind of sucks...

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