Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ah the upstairs bathroom! In the continuing saga, I mentioned I had to tear up part of the floor to make it drain better. That went well and I finally tried it out this morning and found it drained just fine. So I’m thinking it’s finally done. Finally, finally done. Then I go into the kitchen and there is water everywhere. So what did I do wrong this time? I finally put a cap on the pipe where the shower head goes and turned it on. It still leaked so I knew it was in the shower plumbing after the valve. It turned out that it was a cap I could tighten after removing the shower valve cover. Whew! What a relief! So finally, it’s done! (Key fanfare here.)

I got it done just in time, since Valery and family will be here this week.

I was trying to design a custom Rhapsody station for Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra type Christmas music. Using those two groups to set the station’s tone worked okay, but I got stuff like Bing Crosby’s and Dean Martin’s non-Christmas stuff and some new age nonsense, too. Finally when I heard something I liked I’d save the whole album to a play list. Soon I had 18 hours of Christmas music I like, so I don’t need the crummy station anymore.

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