Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well I decided to get a little dump trailer for the garden tractor. I made a little hitch so I could pull it with the truck too. Then I built a new screen to fit the trailer. Of course that took the whole day, so the next day, bright and early, I went out and screened a trailer load of gravel. It really wasn't much gravel, but even though I was very careful pulling it out of the wash something must have gone wrong and something bent. That caused a cascade reaction and pretty soon everything on the trailer was bent. I dumped what was left of the gravel and threw the trailer into the back of the truck. I had to take it apart so I could straighten every single piece of it. It's almost as good as new, but I guess it's just a garden tractor trailer. I can't risk putting it on the truck again.

Summer's half over and I still have lots of projects to do. The main problem is they almost all cost money. The ones that don't cost money are the hardest, so of course those are the ones I want to put off!

I wrote a letter to the editor for the Review Journal, but of course they didn't print it. It goes like this:

Several recent letter writers have prompted me to write. Each has used the tired old arguments that the left loves to drag out again and again. One recent letter writer once again blamed terrorist acts on Americans. We deserve it, you see, because we some how interfered in the lives of the terrorists. Terrorists hate us because we are an imperial nation or some such garbage. No, the truth is, terrorists hate us because we are a shining beacon of freedom and they don't want freedom for their people. So what are we supposed to do, eliminate our freedom so the terrorists won't hate us? (Why not, the liberals hate us for the exact same reasons. John Kerry would surely love to see our freedoms taken, with him in charge, of course.)

Another lie the left loves to tell is that President Bush lied about Iraq. Never mind that  the U. N., Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and other darlings of the left all warned us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now it's a convenient stick to beat the president with so that the people responsible for allowing terrorists to operate freely in the world for eight years can get back their power. Never mind that weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq and that the rest are hidden in the desert in Iraq and in Syria. The left pretends those facts don't exist.

The third lie is the worst. The left lies that President Bush said there was an al-Qaida-Iraq link. No, he said there was a terrorist-Iraq link, and there is! This is important for every American to think about: The Russians have now told us, and the news media, because they are controlled by the left (who hate America despite their protestations to the contrary), have not told us, is that Saddam Hussein, was apparently planning to use a terrorist group, perhaps al-Qaida, to seize a Russian missile site and launch nuclear tipped missiles at American cities. It would not have been just thousands killed, but millions. Millions of American dead. And despite all the lies of the left, President George Bush, who has not lied to the American people, can be credited with stopping that threat from Saddam Hussein for good.

Oh well, maybe I'll try another sometime.
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