Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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It's a shame that officials at a debate would give a subject like partial birth abortion to a Christian college debate team and require them to debate the pro side. Is this the sign of a good debater, that he or she can even debate for a topic that he or she finds reprehensible?

To their credit the debate team forfeited rather than debate for such a horrible topic.
See the story here:

We had semester finals today. I teach three Contemporary Math 1 classes. (These are like a pre-algebra course.) I gave two of the classes their finals today. One class has five out of almost thirty students who passed! The other class had only three fail. The difference? The second class is ELL (English Language Learners) students who know little English, but they have the desire to learn and succeed. The first class is made up of students who are basically lazy. They've never developed a work ethic, and find my attempts to teach them anything amusing at best, and some are down right hostile!

Well, I guess we do need people who will flip our hamburgers and wash our cars, but these kids won't even be able to do that, they'll probably end up on welfare, or in jail, or dead. (I've already lost several students to violence; it hurts, because I care more than I should. Why should I care more for them, then they care about themselves?)