Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hottest night club in Mexico: The City of Can Cun Posted by Hello

The view from our hotel room on Isla Mujeres Posted by Hello

Space Ship 1 touching down after a historic flight Posted by Hello
We had a very busy week. Last Tuesday we went to Can Cun. We flew all night arriving early Wednesday morning. We dropped our luggage at a very nice hotel on Isla Mujeres, then hopped the ferry back to Can Cun for the bullfight, which was way more than we expected but it was worth it. We rode the ferry back to Isla Mujeres and crashed.

The next morning we toured all the hotels, the night club "The City of Can Cun," and the new master plan community being built by the same man that owns our hotel. The next day we went on a sales meeting in one of the hotels and did a little touring in the city afterwards.

Finally on Saturday we finally spent the time on the island instead of all our time in Can Cun.

The hotel was unusual in that only the rooms were air conditioned, the common areas were hot! Still it was a wonderful hotel, we had a lot of fun and never had a chance to get bored. We were busy all the time.

We got up at five to leave on Sunday. We flew into Miami and went through customs which puts you outside the security area, so you have to go through security again, which is stupid.

We were in the air only half an hour when they turned the plane around and landed in Miami again. It took four hours to fix before we finally got on our way. We got home late Sunday night.

Unfortunately for my sleep time, I had to be in Mojave California by 6:30 the next morning and I wanted to arrive by 3:00 to get the best parking. By then I was sick and had to stop at every town to use the bathroom. I was so tired, too, but luckily my youngest son Charlie was able to drive some and let me nap.

Monday morning Space Ship 1 became the first non-government funded craft to go into space and Charlie and I were there!

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