Sunday, October 01, 2006

A few weeks my wife and I went to Mesquite and ate at a new restaurant. I had “Camarones Del Diablo” and it was very, very good. Yesterday we went to St. George and tried a new restaurant there. I had “Camarones al la Diable” and it was even better! Although there was a delayed reaction. After I finished the top of my head was sweating and I was sweating around my eyes, though my mouth wasn’t burning all that much. We’re talking “mucho picante!” here. Yeah, I’m ready for more. The second restaurant made a mistake, though; they used dipping shrimp that still has the tails on instead of shrimp for grilling that has the tail removed. It was messy, because of the sauce, to remove the tails. I had to remember to keep my fingers away from my eyes afterwards, because the pepper doesn’t wash off the hands very well.

We listened to the first session of conference going up to St. George, but didn’t get to hear much of the second session and it was just ending as we started to drive home. We heard the whole thing today of course.

We weren’t shopping for a vanity for the bathroom at Lowes, we were going to go to Home Depot for that, but on the way out of Lowes I noticed one I liked a lot in the clearance section outside the store. I asked the guy how much thinking if it was under $150 I’d buy it. He said, “$27.50!” Hey what a deal! Later we paid more for a medicine cabinet than that.

I was talking to another teacher and he asked me if I’d noticed a difference between the ninth graders this year and the ones from last year. I told him yes and he said they are monsters this year. Yes they are. I don’t know what they did to them in middle school last year. I’m making lots of calls home. Some times the guardian tells me the brat doesn’t live there any more because they can’t handle their behavior. It’s sad, because that means they go to live with a horrible parent or something.

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