Sunday, August 22, 2004

We just got back from Idaho (and Utah, and Montana...). It was a very long trip. We left here Monday at about nine PM because we had to wait and see if they would let my son Charlie miss practice to go up. They wouldn't. We also took my daughter-in-law Shannon to Mapleton and since her father Stan had given me a swamp cooler, we took the truck up and left it in Mapleton, too. We started out again the next morning driving into Idaho, then Montana, then back to Idaho, finally reaching Bonners Ferry at about 10 PM.

After all that driving, I didn't really want to go anywhere! My granddaughter Raegan has changed a lot in a short time. Friday evening, we started home but stopped in Missoula Montana for the night then continued on the next day arriving here about midnight. Kind of a repeat of the trip up.

My daughter Valery had a bunch of packages of baking soda and baking powder that she wanted us to take with us. Later, I was searching through my suitcase in a Burger King parking lot and realized that if a cop saw me with all those packages I would have a lot of explaining to do!

my son Robert and Shannon are on their way back to Navajo Mountain from Mapleton. They got separated and Robert has been calling us regularly to see if she'd called us. This went on for hours. Robert even contacted the Highway Patrol. Finally Shannon called from Paige. Somehow she'd gotten ahead of him. I wish they'd bought some two-way radios. They only have one cell phone between them so that's no good.

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