Sunday, September 26, 2004

My website has brought me an old friend. He came across my website and emailed me to find out if I was the same friend he knew in 5th grade. I remember him as a very good friend, but they didn't live there that long, unfortunately. It's been a lot of fun catching up and learning about what the other has been doing. It's also fun to find out that we have many of the same or similar interests.

We took the old Taurus up to St. George to donate it to Deseret Industries. We drove the whole way, more than 80 miles, and were just coming into St. George when the transmission went out. I found that if I turned the car off and let it sit for a few seconds I could start it up and drive for a few seconds before it kicked out of gear. So I did manage to get off the freeway off ramp. My mom was with us so she called Triple A and we got it towed to DI for free. They still wanted it so we are now less one car. We still have four others, not counting the old Mitz and Charlie's old 280ZX.

They announced at school that they're adding 11 more sessions of math. Four of those are Algebra 1 so I hope to get relief soon from the large class sizes.

I just got a call from our Branch President. He needs to give some emergency aide to someone so, since I'm the financial clerk, I have to go down and write the check. Since I want to post this before I go I guess I'll make it short.

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