Saturday, August 02, 2008

Okay, I've got the 2007-2008 student pictures up at Winkflash. I had so much trouble with the site I might stop using them entirely. I was using Dot Photo but they didn't allow right clicking, which is stupid. Anyway, they are up here at I hope the link works. I can't get it to show the latest year without using Internet Explorer. Firefox will only show the 2006-2007 pictures. if that link doesn't work there is a link on each of my other webpages that does try here and look for the link under pictures on the right. That link works but it's hard to type.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Okay I haven't published the 2007-2008 student pictures yet., but I have done a redesign of the site layout. I saved the other home page here and put the blog up as the new home page.

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I've decided to—instead of putting this blog in a window on one of my website's pages—make this blog the home page of my website. This may mean I update more often. May mean, we'll try it.

To show you how far behind I am in my reading, I just finished reading an excellent article in the November 2007 issue of Guns Magazine. It’s the gun rights column called “A Fair Question” by David Codrea. Here’s an excerpt:

“Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide?”

What with all the calls to do just that, and all the laws building up to it, that sounds like a fair question.

It’s posed by Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser in the Spring 2007 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

Kates is an American criminologist, lawyer and constitutional scholar. Mauser is a Canadian criminologist and university professor. Both are published authors of numerous articles and books. Both are well recognized as top experts in their fields. You don’t earn their reputations in academic and legal circles by being demonstrably wrong, so people on both sides of the gun control debate would do well to consider their findings…

You can find the rest in the Guns Magazine online archives here:

The writer, David Codrea, has a blog at

I’ve decide I need to use key words for better searching of these articles. I realize not many read this blog, but I’ve often searched my own work and have had considerable trouble finding what I wanted. “Did I post that? Where did I read it? Etc.” so tentatively I’m going to use the labels that follow”:

Climate change
Cutting edge science
Global warming
Gun rights
Science fiction

Wow I didn’t think I’d come up with so many! Let’s try them for now

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