Thursday, June 07, 2007

A few weeks ago I sent Harry Reid a letter. Understandably he never replied but here is the letter:

Let me tell you a story. You should be familiar with this story since I share your religion. A great general was fighting a war far from home, and wondering why his troops were not being given the supplies or reinforcements they needed, sent a blistering letter to the leader of his country and demanded immediate support. The leader informed him that certain evil men, for political advantage, were blocking the needed supplies and reinforcements. This general took his troops home and captured or killed those evil men, then returned to the war with the materials he needed.

You might recognize this as the story of Moroni and the traitorous king men who had tried to overthrow the elected leader Pahoran.

Let’s put this in a modern context. President Bush is like Pahoran our elected leader (whether you like it or not), you are one of the leading king men attempting to overthrow the elected leader of this great nation for your own political advantage. I wonder when our Moroni equivalent will get fed up with you, march on Washington, and throw you and your ilk into prison for your treason.

I think you forget how close the election before your last was. I don’t think your next will be close, you will lose badly, I pray. You don’t represent this nation, you represent Nevada (and not very well). President Bush was elected in two national elections, you were not.

Your actions, paint you more as a Gadianton robber than a decent and honest senator, you should resign, if you have any honor left.

If you would like to read the story of General Moroni you can go here to read it.

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