Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why won't things go right?

I retired in June and although I fully intended to get another job, I was in no hurry. Then my wife lost her job and we were facing two thirds salary for me and 50% (unemployment) for her. I started looking. I had several interviews and almost got a position in Idaho, but a former supervisor, who I shouldn't have used for a reference because we disagreed a lot, but did, because my other references were unavailable in July, backstabbed me.

Then a had a phone interview and got a position in southern Arizona. I was offered the position on Friday and school started on Monday. We packed up and arrived Saturday morning. I spent Monday and Tuesday fighting with AZ certification, and finally had to go with a sub certificate. We almost went home Monday night, but tried again to get licensed and got the sub certificate on Tuesday.

We immediately moved out of the motel, signed a lease and are living in a comfortable, small apartment.

Then I couldn't get my wife's computer to work with the wired internet. Mine worked fine! I messed with it until it worked and went to bed. Today I was in the classroom for the first time and loved it, but when I got home I was anxious to get some work done online.

Now my computer wouldn't work with the wired internet. My wife's was still working fine. So down to BestBuy for a wifi router and a printer--wireless of course! Router worked great. Printer connected to the router just fine. Computer wouldn't communicate. I finally had to plug the printer into the router directly and low and behold it finally worked! So once again I'm going to bed very, very late!

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