Friday, September 24, 2004

Is this nut case for real? This guy is so far out on the left it is unbelievable! He calls bloggers and talk radio partisan news sources, yet praises Dan Rather for being a "real newsman!"
New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Richard Cohen: Blind lust for a scoop, nothing more

And then there's this. Could life extention be just around the corner?

Here are the links to the DVD'sFarenhype 9-11 and Sean Hannity's Hannitization of America Tour. They're both about $15. Farenhype has stunned me. I had no idea how many attacks against the United States have been thwarted by Bush's security teams.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

The missionaries asked us if we could let them give the discussions to Maria, our tenant at our house since the house they had been using was "noisy." We of course told them no way... Yeah right! We agreed, of course. Apparently her husband doesn't really want her to have the discussions. I wonder if he doesn't want to give up his Corona.

My wife had a crock pot with Sunday dinner in it and when I opened the drawer in the fridge it fell out, smashing the up crock pot and making a huge mess all over the floor. I took the meat and put it back in the pot and put it back, then spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up. When I was finally finished, I again tried to get into the drawer and of course knocked the pot out again making yet another mess! I guess I'd better go buy another crock pot this week.

My first period class is now at 52. Two other classes are at 45, one at 33 and another at only 29. This is insane to have to go through this every year because the stupid counselors just pick the first name on the alphabet and stick the kid in there.

I just looked at a map showing the Bush and Kerry states. It's a sea of red or pink (the Bush states) with a few states like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts blue and a few more light blue like New York and Florida. There are a handful of states that are a tossup.

Yesterday we had Jay Whipple's funeral. He was my boss for more than ten years. I got to hear a couple of stories I hadn't heard before. Van and I were the only people from the Water District that even showed up.

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