Sunday, September 10, 2006

We found out something interesting. Not only does William not have a job yet, but Ivan no longer has one either. He’s even talking about going back to Chili.

I have a student whose name is Yvan. When I called his name in the correct Spanish pronunciation (Ee von) he made certain I knew he wanted it pronounced Eye-vun! I told Ivan (who also pronounces it Ee von) about it and he thought it was funny.

We went to Enterprise for Tyson’s wedding yesterday. He married a nice girl. I was impressed even though she’s not been active or maybe not even a member of the church—I don’t know for sure. We stuck around and went to the open house in Ivins. Her parents never showed up for that at all!

I only got an 80% on my project draft. I rewrote a little and turned in the final draft last night. I have no idea what I’ll get since the grading rubric is not the same as the one for the draft. They’re each 20% of my grade. The final paper is due next Sunday but it’s only 10%. The other 50% of the assignments are all 100% except for one 95%. If I get no better than an 80% on each assignment I have left I’ll still get a “B.” I’ve been approved for graduation and since I had to pay for my regalia, I might as well order it even if I don’t walk in commencement. I can wear it around the house, yeah, sure.

Our temple recommends expired in August. It’s funny but it just didn’t feel right until we got them renewed today. It still doesn’t feel right since we still need the signature of one of the stake presidency. I can see the importance of having a valid recommend even if there is not a temple near by. Just having it means you’re worthy and that’s a good feeling.

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