Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back home

After spending the last nine months teaching at Sahuarita High School and living nearby in Green Valley AZ we are now home. The position ended so I'm out of a job.

My provisional teaching certificate in Arizona requires a math test which I've taken, but don't know if I've passed (It was really hard!) and SEI (structured English immersion) which I'm taking online right now. If I don't pass the math test I won't be able to teach in Arizona. I had one interview lined up but now it's a middle school position, so I think I'll cancel. I've had some nibbles, one interview resulted, but nothing else. I'm not sure if I'm going to be teaching at all next year at this rate. It's all very frustrating.

Home is a mess because we're in the middle of a big remodel. I wish I could just retire in peace, but we can't live only on my retirement. I wouldn't mind writing books but I need some immediate income, not something that might come about down the road.

I'm kind of floating with no idea where I'm going right now.

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