Thursday, August 25, 2005

What is it with libs? Are they so arrogant that they really believe that all people--at least those that count--agree with them? I'm a teacher. A math teacher. The reason I mention the last is that those of us in the math department tend to be more conservative than those on the other side of the building, you know those English, history, and social studies types. However there are plenty of the lib type in the math department, too. I started at a new school this year, so I don't yet know who are the conservatives and who are the libs, except for one. This tattooed young lady, showing lots of cleavage, (I hope she dresses more conservatively next week when the students start) asks me my last name and when I tell her "Bush," she says, "I won't hold that against you!" I didn't know what to say, I should have a witty response for inane comments like that. Instead I just gave her my most disgusted look.

These arrogant, petty haters of Bush (and America, yes I do question their patriotism) are attempting to destroy our nation. They tried before during the war in Vietnam, you know the one we won over there but lost here on our own soil. Now they're doing it again because they're angry, bitter, and they lost the last two elections. The liberals haven't been out of power since FDR and they don't like it! So they lie about Bush, lie about the war on terror, and refuse to face their own hypocrisy! Good! That means they shouldn't win anymore elections!

I wish I could believe that, but after all, we voted for Clinton in this nation—twice! I hope the nation has wised up, but I won't hold my breath.

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