Sunday, May 23, 2004

Richard Biggs died yesterday morning 22 May 2004. He was Dr. Franklin on my favorite television show, Babylon 5. Posted by Hello
I was very pleased when I found my car had run flat tires on it. Until I realized the extreme disadvantage of run flat tires--they run flat! Since they run flat you don't realize you have a problem until you notice an annoying rumble and stop to see what is wrong. By that time your tire may be ruined. Mine was. So we had to go up to St. George to get it replaced, then we did a little shopping, then a little more shopping, and a little more. We spent way too much money, of course and blew a whole Saturday afternoon. Oh well.

Somebody tagged all over my classroom Thursday. I really chewed out my class, and then someone pointed out that I'd had the camera on. I just finished watching the tape. I didn't fast forward because I was afraid I'd miss it. So I watched the whole hour. Of course it was right at the end of class when I spotted her. It was not someone I would have expected, so I was surprised.

My daughter, Valery is moving out with her husband and her daughters Saturday. I'm going to miss having the grandkids around. But they have to have their own life. It will be nice to have the house back, though.

I've really got to stop doing these in Word. When I publish them there is always something I've got to fix because of Word's special charactors.

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