Thursday, February 15, 2007

Two recent American presidents had the courage needed for anti-appeasement: Reagan and Bush. Reagan ended the Cold War and Bush, supported only by the social democrat Blair acting on moral conviction, recognized the danger in the Islamic fight against democracy. His place in history will have to be evaluated after a number of years have passed.

The above links to an amazing article by a German man about Europe's take on the war on terror. Check it out!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I chopped down one of my pomegranate trees Saturday. You wouldn’t believe the accumulation of garbage under that tree. I even found a little toy basketball that one of the kids lost under there years ago. Someone tried to paint it up like a Jack-O-Lantern. There was a lot of wood that needed to be moved so I tied a rope around it and tied the other end to the truck and pulled and… broke the rope! Twice—because I was stupid enough to expect a different result the second time! Third try was a chain. That did it and I only broke one sprinkler head! I dragged the whole mess out to the slew and even smoothed out the driveway in the process!

Then Jane sent me a bunch of newsletter articles. One of them told me to remove their contact information from the web. You know phone number, address, and the stuff that’s not there in the first place! Well they also mentioned name, so, okay, it’s all gone—the whole thing. Except for this message:

Because of the complaints of several people (some of whom obviously haven’t even looked at the site) about their contact information being on the web, this site has been removed. Since there was no contact information on the site—no phone numbers, no addresses—as was charged, it’s too frustrating to continue the hard work involved in putting out a newsletter twice a year and keeping this site updated. So as of now the website and the newsletter publication are suspended. If the family wants to continue the newsletter, they need to find another editor; I won’t do it any longer. I apologize to the people who have told me they enjoy the website, but the paranoia of some has made it into something I no longer enjoy doing.

So yeah, no more newsletter on the website or in print. Jane even had me password protect the pictures we’ve taken at family gatherings. Why should they have access to those? It’s made me angrier than I should be, I suppose, but I’m tired of working my butt off to put out the darn thing and getting nothing but aggravation in return. Since I doubt if anyone else is willing to do it, I guess that’s the end of it, too bad, so sad, should have done it years ago. Some may ask why I don’t just continue with the paper version. Same thing, I’ve received complaints on that too. So design it yourself, fool! I’m not doing it anymore, have a go at it!

I’m getting trunky. We’re just barely halfway through the school year, but I’m ready for summer. Spring is almost here and the asparagus is peeking out of the ground, so I want summer! It’s even feeling like spring. It’s 72°F out there at 4:27 PM! Nice… Well spring is really more than a month away…

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