Sunday, October 21, 2007

My wife comes home a few days ago and tells me her car is falling apart, so yesterday we go car shopping. In St. George the car dealers are lined up all in a row, so we stopped at Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Mitsubishi. I really like the Nissan Altima, it has many of the features that were in the $100,000 BMW Ivan let me drive just before he left for Chili, but when the salesman made his initial offer my wife stood up and walked out! She was a bit (no a lot) angry at the insulting offer. We ended up buying another Gallant. We could have gotten a ’08 but we got a great deal on a new ’07 so that’s what we brought home.

The poor salesman didn’t know what hit him. My wife is so much fun when we’re buying a car, she’s brutal!

The salesman tells us he used to be a cop. When they wouldn’t transfer him from child abuse cases, which were just too hard on him, he quit and is now a car salesman. Later the people at the next desk turned to him and asked, “Weren’t you the cop that arrested us a few years ago?” (He was.) It was quite the day.

Our wonderful senator, Harry Reid, violated his oath of office to condemn a private citizen (Rush Limbaugh) on the floor of the Senate the other day. He even got 40 other senators to sign the letter, including three presidential candidates. The letter was sent to Clear Channel asking them to condemn Limbaugh (for condemning our troops and that is something he didn’t do, and Harry Reid knows he didn’t do it, though Reid has done it)! Clear Channel gave the letter to Limbaugh who decided to auction it off on e-Bay with the proceeds going to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. It sold for 2.1 million dollars—a record for e-Bay—with Rush matching with another 2.1. What makes the letter so historic is the blatant violation of the oath of office of the signers. Reid made a speech on the senate floor in which he tried to take credit for the 4.2 million charitable donation. It just made him look like the fool and Gadianton Robber that he is. Limbaugh clearly won this round!

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