Sunday, October 22, 2006

I got the floor tile glued down in the bathroom shower—finally. I hope it turns out okay. While the glue was drying I put plastic on the greenhouse. I put notes on the wood to tell me how everything fits. It didn’t work since it was all faded out. One idea that did work, I used a $13 bathroom exhaust fan to blow up the plastic. It does a better job than that other fan. Given the price of plastic, I hope it allows the plastic to last for more than a year this time.

I got my campaign signs. They’re magnetic, and I got enough for three cars. Kelby and Ken are not campaigning at all, so with my newspaper ad and my magnetic signs maybe I can win this thing. At least they aren’t campaigning yet. Maybe when they see my ad they’ll get one of their own. There are still two newspapers coming out before the election.

Mat L. is campaigning like crazy for power board. Mike F. is running against him and has one little sign up in his yard.

My son William still doesn’t have a job. He’s really frustrated. He could get a job anywhere, easily, except in a LDS college town. There are just too many exceptional people!

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