Sunday, June 13, 2004

We had a good time at the family reunion yesterday. Of course, today my shoulder hurts from all the shotgun shooting I did.

My daughter and her husband, Valery and Mark agreed to come down for the reunion, but reneged on the deal, but everyone else was there.

I was very worried about the heat. Doing it in Alamo in June! What were they thinking? But the reunion was held under a grove of Ash trees and there was a slight breeze, so I don't think it was ever very uncomfortable, except around noon when the sun was coming straight down and the sun was filtered by just a few layers of leaves.

We did some skeet shooting and my score was good—for me—60%. My son Rick was using my gun so I borrowed my brother-in-law, Mark's gun. Later they started launching the pigeons with a hand launcher, instead of the machine. Again, Rick was using my gun, so I used my brother-in-law, Sam's single shot. Oh what a sweet gun. It kicks like a mule since it's a light gun, but it's really a fun gun. And I found out they're very inexpensive, under a hundred bucks! My brother-in-law who owns a gun store says he has some similar guns in stock. Oh yes! The hand launching is what did my shoulder in. It's much harder and faster than the machine, because you had to be fast or someone else would shoot the pigeon first. So, since I was using a hard kicking gun, and was shooting fast so the gun wasn't as tight to my shoulder, I got a bit banged around. It was worth it.

I had the slide show Rick had done for Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary party. I did a video CD version so those who wanted, could play them on their computers, even with no DVD player in the computer, (thinking that any DVD player could play it) but I've found since that some DVD players don't play video CD's. Well I can always burn a few DVD's for those who have trouble. I've tried them in four DVD players, and only one has refused to play them. I also did a computer only version and a VHS version for the low tech people.

My granddaughters Anna and Haley had so much fun yesterday. It's too bad two others, Raegan and Damia, missed it because their parents wouldn't bring them.

Another reason it was so much fun for me yesterday, is because I've spent an intense week writing a paper for a class I'm taking. I didn't think it would be that hard, but there was so much material to wade through. Now I've got to rewrite and send it off, in two days! Since we're going to CancĂșn I won't have time after that.

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