Sunday, August 29, 2004

Well, I have a new supervisor at school. I'd rather not have this particular supervisor since she has done some things to me that I consider unfair. Not big things but the principle of the things bothers me.

My wife's car broke down in the exact same way that it did two years ago in Provo when we put my son William in the Missionary Training Center. I called Jeff Jones at about 9 PM and he went down and sold us a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. It's a really nice car! Jeff went up and towed her car back and Jeff Adams fixed it for about $200. We just spent $600 fixing the Taurus, but now I guess we'll put it up for sale since we have a Dodge, a Plymouth, a Saturn, a Mitsubishi, and a Ford Truck! Plus we have the old Mitsubishi, Colt, and my son Charlie's Datsun, none of them running, oh, and my son-in-law Mark's Datsun, too…

I spent fifteen hours on my final paper yesterday, and I'm still only two thirds done. The first draft is due this week. More work each night until it's done. Sigh! I had thought I had two weeks, so I'd spent my last two free days installing a swamp cooler in the garage, taping sheetrock and putting up shelves. Then I looked at my schedule Tuesday night and realized my mistake. Since school started Wednesday, my time is limited.

The people in the cottage apparently had visitors over the other day and while jumping on the trampoline, apparently the top ripped, so it's gone. Time to buy another, maybe. This top lasted many more years than the first one. I wish the man who made it was still around.
I downloaded the latest Ad Aware and SpyBot Search and Destroy. I'd been using Ad Aware, but didn't have a version that looked for updates. When I ran the latest Ad Aware it found 450 or so spy ware programs. Then I ran SpyBot and it found 68 more! I did tell it to leave my Download Accelerator alone since the banner ads pay for the program. I hope this solves the extreme slowness I've been experiencing lately.

My wife only had about 50 with Ad Aware and 9 with SpyBot. Again, I ran SpyBot after Ad Aware.

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