Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is Hamas crazy? Their little show of force against Israel is summed up nicely in this cartoon from Cox and Forkum.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

I almost missed the deadline for filing for Ivan Cooper’s last two years on the water board. I’m running against two other people. Last time I ran I lost by less than 100 votes. Let’s hope I win this time. And this time I’m going to actually campaign!

You know those stories of people who are fired and they go nuts so the cops have to shoot them to keep them from harming others? Well there was a guy who got fired at a mine and he jumped into a 70 ton dump truck and did 1.5 million in damage, including starting a huge fire. When the fire trucks arrived he rammed them with the dump truck. So a rookie highway patrolman had to shoot him. You know some cops go their whole career and never pull their guns and this guy has to kill someone after two months on the job. What’s worse is this happened here at Simplot less than 10 miles away and it was Adam Cooper who was shot and killed. He's the son of my neighbor Ivan Cooper. He was angry about being fired and his wife divorcing him. Charlie Cooper his brother was the one who had to identify the body since everyone else was out of town.

Some moron said the cop should have shot the tire out and it would have stopped him. Yeah right, if the bullet didn’t bounce back and kill someone else instead. I’m really sure a bullet from a pistol is going to penetrate a three inch thick truck tire!
Adam used to be like part of the family. It’s very sad.

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